sex⋅ol⋅o⋅gy  /sɛkˈsɒlədʒi/ Pronunciation [sek-sol-uh-jee]

–noun the study of sexual behavior.

May 19


Come, lie down on my bed and let me share my thoughts and fantasies on anything and everything to do with sex.   I love sex and it’s variations and this is my safe haven to explore and discuss any and all sexual thoughts that come to mind throughout the day.

Allow me to introduce myself- I’m Kate, a 33 year old mother of 3.   I haven’t forgotten that I have a pussy and that I’m a sexual being.

I hope that I can be as open and free here as I want to be.   Too many people are uptight about sex. You will not find judgments being passed here. I am openminded to everything and anything sexual except for 3 things. I call them My Rules.

1. No children
2. No animals
3. No necrophilia

As for everything else- Anything goes. So don’t be shy, talk to me. Share with me your desires and fantasies as I share with you mine.